Welcome Area 47 Operators

Operator Renewal Approaching for 2018

Remember that you must have run at least 5 complete subject or practice tests between Nov 1, 2017 and Oct. 31, 2018.  We ask our operators to complete this process prior to August 1, 2018 so that your renewal can be graded and completed in a timely manner. Area 47 operators under the direction of this office are asked to run a minimum of one complete test each month.  This can be a subject test or a practice test.


There is a log at each location which lists each certified operator.  You should put a tally mark in the square for each month as you have completed a proper and complete subject or practice test. One of your technical supervisors will check the log each month and initial that your test is acceptable. If your test is not initialed on the log, then it was not complete or entered properly; therefore, it will not count toward your five required tests and you should run an additional one.  Contact our office if you believe the count is incorrect.

Any operators who are unable to login to perform tests should contact this office immediately so we can determine your certification status and resolve the issue.

  A list of our instrument locations are below:

Allen PD

Big Spring

Cockrell Hill PD

Frisco PD

Midland A

Midland B

Roanoke PD

Sachse PD

Military Only – Red River Army depot

If you have questions or concerns, please  contact our office by email or call at 817.720.5141
Your Technical Supervisors are:
Lisa Fondren
Alyssa Brezinsky


Information on this page is intended for use by certified breath test operators

currently under the supervision of Fondren Forensics Inc.