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About Us

Welcome to Fondren Forensics, Inc.


Fondren Forensics, Inc. is an independent corporation specializing in alcohol related forensic analyses, consultation, testimony and training. We offer full scope oversight services for Intoxilyzer® programs through certified Technical Supervisor Services. Our chemists and technicians are trained by industry standards at the manufacturer of the Intoxilyzer®. Each chemist undergoes thorough state examination and background review before becoming certified. All chemists participate in proficiency testing and annual reviews and are required to maintain or exceed their level of certification through continuing education, professional seminars and/or scientific research and publication.

Fondren Forensics, Inc. began as a small operation in 2002, providing technical supervisor services for local, emerging municipalities. Since that time, our client base has increased substantially, due in part to the reasonable fees and reliable services we provide.

Fondren Forensics, Inc. can provide a gateway for smaller municipalities to begin their own breath testing program. We also contract with large municipalities, providing them with unmatched service, competitive pricing and superior support.

The scientists at Fondren Forensics, Inc. have extensive experience in alcohol related work and law enforcement training, Our experience allows us to provide our clients with support in many areas of breath alcohol testing and training.

Our reputation is built on trust, respect and integrity.