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Blood Alcohol Testing


Fondren Forensics Inc. is A2LA accredited in Forensic Testing for blood alcohols. We are also accredited by the Texas Forensic Science Commission as an approved provider of these services.

We provide this service mostly to law enforcement agencies. However, we also provide sample re analysis for defense attorneys. We offer quick turn around and personalized support throughout the process. This means, you can count on us to be in court, testifying to our work product, and handling expert witness demands.

Our pricing is available on a per sample basis at $135. You may also select one of our bundle pricing packages. At Fondren Forensics, we realize that every customer’s need is different. We have the ability to tailor a program to fit your needs by reducing unnecessary costs and overhead.

You do not need a contract for submission of samples to us. We receive your blood alcohol samples Mon-Thurs from 8am-Noon. You may also call us to schedule an appointment if you need to deliver evidence at a different time.

Click here for our Submission Form.   Call 817-720-5141 or 817-456-7369 for pricing and options.