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Welcome Area 47 Operators – it’s renewal time again!!

This is the year you are required to attend an in-person refresher class and take a written exam. In addition, you must also have completed at least five tests between Nov 1, 2020 – Aug 1, 2021. These must be complete tests and they can be practice tests or subject tests. There is a link below to check your current number of tests. A signup link is also included below to register for your class.  ALL of your 5 complete tests MUST be finished before you will be allowed to register for a renewal class.  In order to attend a renewal class, you must have registered through the signup scheduler below.  Walk-ins will be turned away.  If you do not have your completed tests, I urge you to finish them as soon as possible.

Signup Scheduler – You must have your 5 complete tests already or your reservation will be rejected


Check your number of tests here


below is a list of our instrument locations:

Allen PD

Big Spring

Cockrell Hill PD

Frisco PD

Midland A

Midland B

Wylie PD

Military Only – Red River Army depot – Check stats here

If you have questions or concerns, please  contact our office by email or call 817.720.5141
Your Technical Supervisors are:
Lisa Fondren
Alyssa Brezinsky

Information on this page is intended for use by certified breath test operators currently under the supervision of Fondren Forensics Inc.